After 15 years (and counting!) working in the tech industry, I guess you could say I’m a grizzled veteran now.

And although things have definitely changed over that time, I’m still driven by a simple and perennial truth: technology should make people’s lives better.

In 2006, I discovered WordPress

In 2010, I created the Genesis Framework.

In 2018, I joined WP Engine, and recently moved into a new role.

I still love technology and using it to help improve people’s lives.

I still love WordPress and the Genesis community, and am passionate about making building websites easy, affordable, and accessible to everyone.

And now I get to embrace my passion by leading remote teams of engineers while we build the next generation of technology on WordPress.

About this Blog

Once you stop learning, you start dying.

Albert Einstein

The subjects addressed on this blog have changed over the years, but the purpose has remained the same: to document the things that I am learning, with the hope that my experience can help someone.

I’m not delusional … I know I’m not the smartest or most qualified person to write on subjects like leadership, career, and personal development. But what experience I do have, I want to share. At the very least, I might learn how wrong I am via Cunningham’s law!

The best way to get the right answer on the internet is not to ask a question; it’s to post the wrong answer.

Cunningham’s Law

So, let’s learn together! I’m trying to post weekly, usually on Wednesday mornings. If you want to know when new posts are published, I usually share them on Twitter and LinkedIn, or include them in my weekly email.

Thanks for reading!

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