WordPress 2.7 Admin Sneek-Peek

WordPress 2.7 is set to be released sometime in November. I’ve been following the development of the new 2.7 dashboard interface design through the SVN repository for 2.7 (bleeding), and this is what it’s showing as of 12:00 noon E.S.T.

However, this morning, I noticed that several of the people I follow on twitter (@nathanrice) were linking to this image over at Donncha’s Flickr:

Taking a closer look, and knowing that Matt Thomas is the designer from the Automattic team, I figured out the URL being displayed in that browser window and discovered the full-res version of the comp for the new 2.7 dashboard interface:

And just minutes ago, I noticed that Jane from Automattic posted the new images and details over at the WordPress development blog. Head on over there to see all the juicy details and drool over the beautiful new admin interfaces. I don’t know about you, but I personally can’t wait until 2.7 is ready to ship. As soon as it hits beta, I’ll be upgrading this blog. 🙂

6 Replies to “WordPress 2.7 Admin Sneek-Peek”

  1. Wonderful stuff Nathan, thanks for posting these. Have you thought about using the lightbox plugin for WordPress so the images appear on this page rather than loading in an empty window?

  2. There is no problem with the images,I think.

  3. As a fellow tester all I can say is I hate the new admin. They could have just as easily improved functionality without giving us a buggy admin that is more flash than function.

  4. Nathan, any notion of whether 2.7 will include more robust category management (i.e., moving many posts from one category into a new category, etc.)? Thanks for the sneak peeks! ~ Janet

  5. very nice panel and more useable.

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