Welcome to NathanRice.me

Over the past 10 months or so, I’ve jumped head first into the blogging world.  I started a personal blog in October … and little did I know the opportunities that little website would bring me.

Here I am nearly a year later, and it’s been a wild ride!

Back in February, I decided to take a shot at releasing a WordPress theme.  It was ugly, and it was rough, but I saw then how my pre-existing knowledge of web development could translate easily into theme development.  After that first theme, Cory Miller and I started RockinThemes.com, where we have released over 40 free WordPress themes.  We also started a custom theme and website development company and have done very well so far.

We’ve since invited new designers to join us at RT, making it a true multi-user theme release hub.

I’ve spent most of my time in the last few months running RockinThemes, but recently I got the idea that I needed to launch out with a site of my own where I would develop and support a small handful of my most popular themes.

And hence this site was born.

I won’t get too heavy on the details at the moment, but for the time being I’m thinking this will be a place where users can personally interact with me as I write tutorials on web design, WordPress development, and blogging.

As you can tell, the design is a work in progress.  I’ll be working on it sporadically for the next few days and weeks.

But for now, enjoy the new blog!  I hope you stick around and check back often.  In fact, I’d love it if you would go ahead and subscribe to my weekly email.  Since this a new blog, you can be one of the few people who can say you’ve read it from the very beginning! 🙂