Absentee Blogger

I won’t deny it. I’m embarrassed to see that my last blog post was published in 2009. Let’s catch up.

Not a bad way to spend one’s time.

So yeah, I’m back, and I will be writing again. I’ve learned an incredible amount of new stuff over the last few years, and it’s time I start publishing all those goodies. Expect the usual, but with a Genesis twist. I did build the theme, after all.

If you notice that the comment form looks a bit off, you’re not crazy. It probably is. I just haven’t gotten around to fixing it.

Community, Self-Respect, and Free WordPress Themes

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I’m convinced the worst feeling in the world is when you know you could have done something, yet you chose to do nothing. Over the last several months, it has become increasingly clear that my self-respect was waning, and an intense desire to do something special was overwhelming me.

You see, I’m grateful for the community that supports free software like WordPress.  It’s that community that has given me the ability to work full-time from home, enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, and make some of the best friends I’ve ever had. WordPress has dominated my life for the better part of two years, which is shocking conisdering WordPress is just blogging software.  The fact that it supports hundreds, if not thousands, of people is shocking as well.

And to that end, I’ve been feeling dissatisfied with ONLY releasing themes that cost money.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m no zealot.  I’m as capitalist as they come. But something has been bothering me lately — it just didn’t seem right that a free program, supported by a team of volunteers, was severely lacking in quality themes that were also available for free.  It seems wrong — you can get a great piece of blogging softare for free, but almost all the good themes cost money. Read More

WordCamp Dallas, 2008

I’m currently in laid over in Memphis waiting for the next available flight to Dallas, on my way to WordCamp Dallas 2008!!!

If you’re going to be there, I want to meet ya! So here, the best way to hook up …

Follow me on Twitter and just send me @replies. That’s the best way to communicate, I think.

I’ll also be at the Dave & Buster’s meetup this evening with Cory Miller, so I look forward to seeing some of you there as well!

The Problem With “Theme Options”

Since the release of ElegantBlue in October of 2007, I’ve seen quite a few free and premium themes using the “theme options” code I included in that theme. But with the widespread adoption of “theme options” has come a tidal wave of complicated and unmanageable themes. Read More


It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here at NathanRice.net, so I just wanted to give a quick digest of the things that have been going on around the net and here at home.

  • Small Potato is selling WPDesigner.com. SP is probably one of the most respected names in the WordPress theme game, and it will be sad to see him go.
  • NathanRice.net is getting a makeover! Although it is still in development, the new look is coming along nicely. A new logo will top off the design when we finally launch.
  • And with the new design will come a flood of new content. I’ve been bookmarking and brainstorming tons of ideas for tips and tutorials for you WordPress eggheads looking to learn more about how to make WordPress do whatever you want.
  • Cory Miller asked me to do some work for him over at iThemes.com recently, and it’s been a blast cranking out some of the most beautiful themes I’ve ever seen. If you haven’t already, go check out the themes at iThemes.com (I recommend Deep Order and Biz Card).
  • Ian Stewart asked me to contribute to his post “The Future of WordPress Themes” recently. I’m lucky to be in such good company, but I honestly feel like my assessment of the future is the most accurate. Several of the WordPress guru’s included in that post have written and told me that they believe I was spot on.
  • Speaking of WordPress themes, I’ve been letting an idea stew for a while, and it’s about time to get started on it. I didn’t include this particular business model for Ian to include in his post, but I believe it has the potential to shake up the Premium market like never before. I just hope someone else doesn’t think of it and pull it off first. Seriously, it’s going to rock!
  • I’ll be attending WordCamp Dallas this year. If you’re going to be there, and want to meet up and chat, give me a hollar and we’ll see what we can do.
  • I’m getting married in June 🙂

That’s about it for now. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates as things draw near. The future is VERY bright!