Respect Requires Altruism

I’ve been noticing a trend as of late with some of my fellow WordPress developers. Many of them have all but abandoned the idea of releasing free WordPress themes to the community.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, sometimes money can make you forget about innovation. I think it also makes you forget that WordPress is, at its core, a community program … driven by the community … supported by the community … and sustained by the community.

So how is it that we sometimes forget to give back to the community? Read More

Talking WordPress: Not Bad At All!

As I’ve expressed before, I’m disappointed with the quantity of good podcasts out there that talk about WordPress. Obviously, with only one podcast out there, it’s hard to get good quality content in podcast format on the topic of WordPress.

But I recently discovered a podcast that looks like it has some serious potential to be a hit. is host to a great little podcast! I listened to all 3 episodes so far in a single sitting, and I REALLY liked what I heard. Read More