Where I’ve been, and What’s Next

So, yes, I admit it. I’ve been mostly silent here on the blog for a while. But I promise, it’s going to change soon. Trust me.

In the mean time, I wanted to let everyone know what’s going on, and what’s coming up.

A Redesign

A brand new, typographically delicious elegant eye-candy is on the way. I’ve commissioned the services of the very talented Blankenship to give me a design I can be proud of, and he won’t disappoint.

The new design will be content-focused. Tutorials will be easier to read, and therefore, I’ll be writing more of them. It’s pretty much what I do best. And when I have a design that can handle all the neat-o tutorials I have waiting in the hopper, expect to see a flood. You WILL understand WordPress better by being subscribed to this blog, I can assure you.

A Cool Plugin

Currently in its beta-testing stage, this new plugin will give WordPress theme authors more flexibility than you can imagine. Here’s what Ptah Dunbar says about it:

WTF Nathan, this plugin is AWESOME! …
That’s a brilliant idea … Do you know how much flexibility you’ve just given to theme authors/bloggers?! I would of never thought of this.

I can’t reveal what the plugin is just yet. But believe me, if you’re a WordPress theme author, you will LOVE it, because it will make your themes SO much more flexible. And on top of it all, it’s modular, so you can include it in your theme, so users don’t have to install the plugin. SWEET!

A Plugin/e-Book Combo

A couple of months ago, this blog landed on the map because of one of the most useful, readable, understandable lesson in WordPress SEO you’ve EVER seen. Most of you are probably subscribed to this blog BECAUSE of that series of posts.

Well, I’m about to make your life even easier.

I’m putting together an e-Book that has all the information in the WordPress SEO series … AND MORE!!! Some of the content of that series needs to be updated and clarified, and now you’ll be able to get the content in the very handy e-Book format.

PLUS … I’ll throw in (at no extra charge) a ROCKIN’ plugin that will handle a good portion of the SEO heavy lifting that you either don’t want to do, or don’t know how to do. This plugin will take your theme to the next level, and will definitely get your websites higher rankings from our Google Overlords.

And, an entire chapter of the e-Book will be dedicated to showing you how to use the plugin. With this combo, you will literally have the SEO 1-2 punch that will get you where you want to go. Go ahead … say hello to the increased traffic.

And Yes, Some Theme Love

Yeah, Elevate is still crunching. But the good news is that Skyye News Theme is done, and available for download for free. Plus, I’ve gone ahead and opened up the support forums, AT NO CHARGE. Yep, click the signup button to get your account. IT’S FREE.

The Instructional Package will be available for Skyye News soon, as will the new themes. Oh yeah, I know you like that.

So, you picked a good time to be a subscriber. This is definitely the place you want to be over the next couple of months. Good to have you aboard.

Oh, by the way, if you haven’t done so already, you owe it to yourself to jump in the conversation with me over on Twitter (@nathanrice). ¬†I love connecting with people there, and that’s where you’ll find me all day. ¬†Believe me, I’m worth following.

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  1. Hey Nathan, glad to hear there’s loads going on behind the scenes. I can’t wait for this plugin to be released now, u’ve got me anxious about it.

    Also would love to get my hands on that SEO guide, your tuts have already been a great help.

    Al the best with the re-design & other developments. Will be keeping an eye out.

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