WOW … (speechless)

Sorry for the weird title, but I can’t describe this site with words.  You have to see it for yourself.

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  1. oh wow. oh wow indeed.

  2. I think I have a new favorite website…

  3. my eyes hurt


  4. wow is an understatement that sites terrible! :S

  5. Is that a joke or for real! Damn. The site actually claims that it was nominated for “Most Poorly Designed Website in the World” by, check the footer!

  6. I cannot find a demo of Visionary, Newspaperiz or this theme (name?) to download.

    Can someone contact me?

  7. @Jane:
    I believe you may be on the wrong site. I didn’t author those themes.

  8. Ah Ok, was not sure… I did finally find a screen shot of one of them.. Sometimes it’s hard to know who created what, the way they are presented in so many blogs.

    I did finally customize a nice copy of Blue Zinfandel for my 80+ year old clients…

  9. I said WOW and a little vomit spewed out of my mouth….

  10. Yes I know. I was saying I could not find a copy of the one I wanted that you DID author, so I ended up with that, but I thought it came out nice don’t you?

  11. Even better, the owner of this site offers web design services:

    I wonder how much he charges… or if he charges at all.

  12. Hehehehe uses an old version of Netscape to do it too!

  13. Hehe, did you see that blinking “s” letter? And the source? Pure HTML 4, however the W3C Validator says “Failed validation, 2017 Errors”.

    Netscape, CSS separation, wow…

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  15. I’ve never seen anything like that! And Google PR5 for information overload??

  16. Wow, that part I ready said.

    I lied. 😉

    I said “Yikes!”

    That’s true.

  17. WOW!!! I thought my site was terrible but that was something else!


  18. Sweet Jesus!It just kind of slaps you in the eyes doesn’t it?

  19. it is really haven works:)

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