Do You Value a Good Designer?

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to participate in a group chat with Darren Rowse of I got to watch as bloggers from all over the place asked him questions about blogging and making money online with their blogs.

Although I asked him a few questions, I asked him a question that particularly interested me … did he think it was worth it to pay for his recent redesign???

His answer really made me happy … not just because I’m a WordPress designer, but because I have seen way too many people devalue the work people like me actually do. He raved on Ben, and made it clear that he did not overpay for his design, but he didn’t get a steal either. But overwhelmingly, his redesign was worth the money.

But this is not the case with a small percentage of the potential clients who contact me. Read More

Make Money, Get Busy, and Forget to Innovate

I just got an email from Brian telling me that he just got listed on Automattic’s WordPress Consultant’s list. Congratulations to him for this, for sure!

But one of the things that disappointed me about this list was the fact that most of these sites, individuals, and companies, despite being on Automattic’s approved list, rarely, if ever truly innovate in the field of WordPress development.

For most of us who started out in the theming business, it was a hobby … something we did in our down time to get some traffic, and offer something back to the community that helped us start our own blogs. Innocent enough. Read More

Premium WordPress Themes?

If you are looking for a good PREMIUM WordPress theme, why not check out my newest project, Proximity News Theme. Check out all the cool features. It won’t disappoint!

Although there has been quite a bit of “hoopla” over the recent announcement from Matt Mullenweg indicating that we could see a premium theme marketplace for users in the near future, I’m going to save the commentary on that front for another day.

Today, I want to focus on the now … the immediate … the present. What’s hot right now seems to be the business of selling “premium WordPress themes” for a small fee (usually around $60-$100 USD). This is a lucrative business because it opens the possibility of making many times what you could have made doing a single custom theme, for about the same amount of work. Read More

Any Good WordPress Podcasts?

Over the last week or so, since buying my new iPod Nano, I’ve been resubscribing to all my old favorite podcasts … for research of course 🙂

But I’ve been severely disappointed in the underwhelming number of WordPress podcasts … that is … podcasts that discuss WordPress topics, WordPress themes, etc.

Yes, I have subscribed to the Official WordPress podcast … that’s a given (is it actually “official”?).  But, with all due respect, it’s not very entertaining … unless of course Lorelle is on 🙂

I did a search in iTunes for WordPress and it returned quite a few results, but other than the official podcast, none have been updated in a VERY long time.

Could it be that there’s a market for an entertaining WordPress podcast?

What’s My Feedburner ID?

Since Google’s acquisition of Feedburner, they have done away with numeric IDs. The good news is, it’s way easier to figure out your Feedburner ID now.

Your ID can now be found in your feedburner feed URL. For example, if your feed URL was, then MyFeedURL would be your Feedburner ID. Easy enough? 🙂

FeedburnerFeedburner is an absolute dream come true for a blogger. In fact, I would put in in the top 5 tools that every single blogger needs in their arsenal. It tracks the number of feed subscribers you have, it allows you to offer feed updates via email, and it even has professional site statistics now too! (all for free, mind you)

If you don’t have an account there yet, go there and get one … NOW!

OK, now that you have an account, there are a few things you need to know about feedburner.

1. My feedburner address

This is actually pretty simple, but for the sake of the absolute beginner, you feedburner address is chosen by you when you burn your feed. It usually looks something like this: (where “myfeedaddress” is the unique feed string you’ve chosen).

2. My feedburner ID

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The Overlooked “Tag” Tags

OK, I admit being a sucker for all the “tag hype” in the WordPress Community too. I’ve seen all the WordPress bloggers (that is, bloggers who specialize in WordPress tips) try to be the first to write a tutorial on how to implement tagging in your WordPress theme. I’ve even been tempted to do it myself, although I’ve resisted.

And I subscribe to a good many blogs that specialize in this kind of information too.

And as I’ve been following these blogs, I’ve been waiting on one, JUST ONE, to mention the 2 template tags for “tags” that I noticed in the Default theme that came with my WordPress 2.3 beta download. Seriously, I’ve been waiting to see how long it would take for someone to realize that no one has written on them yet and capitalize on it. But as of yet, no one has (at least that I have seen). So, I decided to take a few minutes and let everyone know about two overlooked template/conditional tags that are available for the new version of WordPress: Read More